About Us

Discovery School for Learning is a leading kids education institution in Patna, Bihar. Our concept and the philosophy have emanated from our deep sense of affection and love for the little kids of our country. To cherish the tenderness of the child’s development in the early years is, of course, essential to achieve the vision of India by 2020.

Discovery’s Way:

Our way of imparting education is unique in the sense that it has been carefully designed to ensure that every child is prepared to face the ever-changing challenges of the society. The success of our dynamic institution can be attributed to its clear vision and mission, systematic planning and coordinated approach to the role of its dedicated and committed members.


The curriculum has been beautifully designed for an all-round development of the child, taking in to account their physical, cognitive, emotional, social and sensorial abilities. Children learn in an eco-friendly environment in consonance with an innovative methodology specially evolved by us. The entire curriculum encompasses highly systematic and step-by-step procedures ensuring learning by doing.